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Potty Training "Progress"

This has been a diaper-free zone (for preschoolers) since April 26. That is about three months of hell. Dan calls this "The Lost Summer" because we can't go places or enjoy events because we have a little girl who holds in pee and poop to the extreme and WILL NOT use any other potty.

We did see a therapist in May.  We really liked her!  She suggested the Kazdin method for behavior change. We've been using this method for the past 6 weeks. Within that time, has been a teensy bit of progress.

She will go in the morning when she gets up and sometimes she will initiate (she gets a Skittle if it is her idea). And for the past several days she has initiated the next pee of the day, which comes at 3:30. Not sure at what time she starts to feel like she has to go, but that's when she'll let it out. And sometimes she will not initiate. And sometimes that next pee of the day comes at 6:00pm. Seriously, kid, that's ten hours.

Annique had to see the gastroenterologist at Children's Mercy for a separate issue. While there, we discussed potty training. She referred us to the BRICK clinic. (Bowel Retraining in Constipated Kids) I'm excited to work with this clinic. All they do is help kids who have potty training issues. A doctor and a child psychologist work with the family to resolve the issue. Children's Mercy is amazing!  Unfortunately, everyone thinks it is amazing too, because we have to wait until September 11 to get in.

So that is where we are- hanging in there with the status quo until September.  Thanks to those who keep checking in. I sure hope we'll have something to celebrate soon!


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