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She's One!

I know she's one, but I'm still going to call her my sweet baby, ok?

The fact that she doesn't have many teeth makes me feel I can stretch the baby phase a little longer.

As an update to this post, Camille did qualify for help from Infant and Toddler Servies of Johnson County.  And, even better, the same physical therapist that worked with Annique is working with Camille--even though we moved out of her district!  We love Miss Trina!

The girl is sitting up independently now! (After this picture was taken, she proceeded to STACK those!)

And pulling herself up on everything...

And has even taken an adventurous step or two into the world of cruising.

She loved her birthday party with family.  She got her own cupcake with dairy-free icing!

 She didn't make too big of a mess with it, but she did enjoy it!

Camille loves these puppets.  She will pick one up and drag it across her head so it will tickle her or she will bring it to me so I can get her with it.

We also brought back an old toy of Annique's that had been in hiding since we staged the old house.  We gave it to Camille.  We can do that, right?  She loves this toy.

Too bad she can never play with it by herself.  She always has some "help" from big sister.  Both girls get a lot of use out of this one.

We're so blessed to have so many friends and family who love our sweet Camille!

  • Head Size 17 1/2 inches - 45th percentile  <-- Not as small!
  • Weight 18 pounds 4oz - 10th percentile  <-- Yay!  Weight gain!
  • Height 30 inches- 75th percentile  <-- Still tall.


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