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She's Four!

My sweet 'Nique (pronounced Nee-kee) is four!

She's only been looking forward to her birthday since my birthday, which was back in January.

We celebrated Annique's birthday several different ways this year since it fell on Easter.  We had the Gras party complete with streamers, balloons (as requested), a birthday dinner with all her favorites (and Camille's too, apparently--that baby at a ton!), and a cake that I made (she requested a cake that her parents made, but close enough).

Grandpa Bade and Bebe came by to give her birthday presents too.  Then we took a trip to Peachwave for some non-dairy frozen yogurt.  She's big on asking if things are non-dairy now.

Everyone sang to her at the Easter celebration and she wore her 4 crown to church.

She also got to play with her best friend (and former neighbor), Charlotte at the Johnson County Museum.

Likes- Entertaining Camille, reading, playing outside, wearing sunglasses, walks to the park (where she always plays on the toddler park for a few minutes first, then heads to the other part), magnadoodle, The Talking Words Factory DVD and the Math Adventures to the Moon DVD, drawing with chalk on the driveway.

Dislikes- washing hair, failing at something, not knowing an answer or giving the wrong one.  We think we're dealing some perfectionism (common in gifted kids, I've read).  We are working on laughing at yourself, and learning that everyone makes mistakes-they are part of life.  We are TRYING to turn the praise dial down and instead say things like, "You must be so proud of yourself!" We'd love her to have confidence in herself instead of needing praise from others to feel good.  So far, it has been very tough for her to get this.

Social Skills- We love how she can tell us about her day.  She is able to communicate stories and happenings pretty well, though sometimes gets confused about when it took place. (Almost always "yesterday" or "last time.")  If an adult pays attention to her, she will try to tell them all kinds of things.  To a random lady at Target commenting on Camille's red hair, "My Daddy is 33!" She is not big into "Why?" at this point.  Instead it is, "What happens if?"

Physical Skills- We are working on buttoning and zipping.  She is writing letters and it is fun to see her art include characters with speech bubbles and words she writes in there.  She is starting to actually coast on her strider bike instead of walking it everywhere.  Maybe she'll get it by this summer.

Favorite Reads-

 Any elephant and piggie book (she loves Mo Willems)!

 And one from grandma's house:

It is exciting to have her asking questions about where God is and about prayer.  Parenting a child in the faith takes on a whole new meaning when she reaches a place developmentally where she can think about what she's learning on her own and start communicating her questions.

Potty training is still underway.  Funny how she never has to go and all that dancing and squirming is not because she needs to use the potty.  ;o) This task is quite a mountain climb.  Small steps are being taken though, and with this kid that is SO encouraging!

Stats- 40 inches tall (55th percentile); 33 pounds (50th percentile)


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