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Quick Organizing Fixes

I was able to get out with the girls a bit last week and found two great organizing items to share with you.

First, I love the Target's Dollar Spot.  You can always find storage items there.  That is where I found this hexagonal tray.  Trays are great for gathering things together that have to sit out on a counter.

(Careful when picking one out--lots of the corners are chipped or broken!)  I bought two.  The other one corrals my kitchen sink items (sink plugs, hand soap, lotion, etc.)  The danger of the Target Dollar Spot (or anywhere) is buying a storage container becaue it is cute or a great deal.  If you buy a container and do not have a use for it, then it becomes clutter (aka part of the problem).  Now you have to store it/ hope you find it/ remember you have it when something comes along for which you can use it.  That is why I'll probably head back with this item.

Only $3, but it does not work in the space I originally wanted to use it.  I'm looking out for another use, but nothing so far.

My other quick fix was this jewelry organizer at Kohls.

On sale for $12, it is acutally an egg holder.  I was looking for cute earring and ring storage for a drawer.  They have other colors, but I felt white would help me identify what I needed.  Actually, there were lots of fun ceramic items at Kohl's.  I also liked the berry box but since I didn't have a use for it, it stayed.

Have any quick organizational fixes?  Let me know in the comments!


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