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Did You Miss National Clutter Awareness Week?

We are closing up National Clutter Awareness Week today.  As one with an interest in decluttering and organizing, I thought I'd bring it to your attention.  You're probably saying, "What is special about this week?  I am already aware of my clutter."  Honestly, nothing.  A few blogs stated, "National Clutter Awareness Week is the perfect time to start spring cleaning and organizing!" 

Really?  Are you thinking, "I am so annoyed with this stupid junk drawer.  But, I'll wait until that special week to clean it out."  Um, no.  If you are like me, you will live alongside your clutter until it hampers your ability to function and you get frustrated with it.  But of course, at that exact moment of frustration, you don't have time to organize your junk drawer.  You were just looking for batteries for your kid's electronic something-or-other on your way out the door.

If you find yourself in this scenario, may I make a suggestion?  Write on a post-it note, "Organize junk drawer" and put it on your computer.  Then when you sit down to cruise the internet, you will see it and think, "Maybe cleaning out that junk drawer will be more beneficial to me than finding out what Full House character I am." (Jesse Katsopolis).  If you're really serious about it, write it on your calendar for a specific day you know you will have a few minutes to devote to the task.  Also, take a picture of your junk drawer before you tackle it and you can be a part of The Junk Drawer Project.  Very fascinating.

 Here's one more great tip if you want to declutter a bit.  Go to a room and pick out four things that really belong somewhere else and then, put them away.  Things you have been walking past for days.  You can even time yourself.  It took me 1 minute 58 seconds to put away four things that were cluttering my living room in their proper places.  The great thing about this tip- you usually get inspired at your progress and keep going!

Having a space that is clean and free of clutter is nice.  It helps you to relax in a way you didn't even know you were tense.  That is why I love organizing!


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