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The 9 month check-up that didn't exactly go as planned

Here is sweet Camille at 9 months.

Love this baby!  She probably receives thousands of kisses a day.  I have to take all I can get before she goes anywhere. Notice anything though?

How about here?

Woah!  What happened to the happy baby?  Well, we tried to sit her up.  Our nine-month-old is still not sitting upright by herself.  The doctor was a bit concerned about this.  I wasn't too surprised at her concern, but still, it was not fun to hear.  Annique had some physical delays too, but they did not manifest until later, as she was sitting up at nine months.  It amounted to Infant and Toddler Services of Johnson County part 2.

Fortunately, we had an excellent experience with them as they helped Annique learn to walk (which she finally did at 18 months) and helped with nutrition advice since she fell off the weight chart a bit.  That is another way Camille is following her sister.  Her weight leveled off a bit from the six-month to the nine-month check-up, so we have an extra weigh-in next month to see if it is a trend or a fluke.  Sigh.

Honestly though, I'm OK with this, as things could be way worse.  Also, it is also nice to have been down this road before with Annique so I'm not totally in the dark about the process.  Right now we're waiting on a call from the Family Services Coordinator to schedule an evaluation.  The evaluation will determine if Camille qualifies for services.  Services depend on the need, but for Annique it was a physical therapist and a nutritionist that came to our house for therapy and weigh-ins.  We are SO BLESSED to have this free, quality program in our area!  Please pray with us that she starts sitting up on her own or qualifies for these services!

Apparently, Dan and I make beautiful, blue-eyed girls who have allergies, slow weight-gain, and some physical delays.  We're two for two anyway!

  • head size- 25th percentile
  • weight- 16lbs 4oz, 10th percentile
  • height- 29 1/4 inches, 90th percentile


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