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Free Online Craft Organization Class!

I have mentioned this Get Organized class before, but I am doing it again not only because it is coming up again, but also because it was so helpful to me.  Plus, it is free!  It is an internet class and each session is webstreamed live.  I just watched the session later, when I had time.  You miss the live Q&A by doing this, but if you don't have any questions or want to skip the Q&A, then the actual lesson is WAY shorter than the video length for the entire class.  I liked what I learned from this class:

        * I can find what I need (well, before I moved anyway)
        * I don't accidentally buy what I already have
        * I evaluate the use of and purge unnecessary items
        * I use my "catalog" to design cards

A woman named Tiffany Spaulding teaches the class.  I believe she is the creator of the Scrap Rack products.  However, you do not need to purchase her products to use her method of organizing.  I didn't anyway. Check it out here:

Of course Tiffany's system for organizing craft space is not the only one.  (If  you know if another one that has a tutorial or free internet classes- let me know!)  I appreciate that it brought together two loves of mine, organizing and crafting.  Roughly one year ago, I began tossing around the idea of becoming a personal organizer, specializing in craft areas.  I said it "out loud" to the interwebs at the end of this post.  Well, here I am a long and busy year later, and I have actually started taking steps toward that goal.  It is SO exciting (and a bit scary).  I've taken a few classes (online of course 'cuz that's how I roll) and am learning the process.  Just thought I'd update you with my progress.  My new year's resolution is to get paid for organizing this year.  I'll keep you posted!

This is one of my favorite craft organization blogs.  Isn't this room amazing?!


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