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Six Months

Sweet baby Camille!

This girl is the happiest little baby.  I love how social she is.  She likes to smile at everyone, and they love it.  Maybe it is the dimples, or maybe the beautiful blue eyes.

Camille is perfecting her rolling skillz.  She has gone across the room twice, log roll style.  She is also good at grabbing something she wants and getting it to her mouth.  Not as great about holding onto it, unless it is my hair, then it is the death grip.

She is also enjoying the sound of her own voice.  We all know her first word from four months ago, but now she keeps saying, "da da da da da da" or "tha tha tha tha" depending on how you interpret the sound.  She likes making the "s" sound, too.  And this girl blows her own raspberries, though the abundance of drool definitely helps.

smiles and smiling
being held (especially if you are standing)
being on the floor (if someone is engaged with her)
the exersaucer
the johnny-jump-up
holding and gumming apple pieces
watching people eat
drooling and spitting up
Annique (who calls her Camilley)

being in the seated position on someone's lap for very long
someone sitting while holding her
spotting Mommy when she's hungry, but not yet eating

Height- 26.8 inches; 90th percentile
Weight- 14# 8oz; 40th percentile
Head- 16.5 inches; 45th percentile

Happy six months, sweet Camille!


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