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Three Point Five

Oh, Annique.

She is super-smart.  This girl can read.  Out right read.  She's been doing it for a few months now, but it is still mind-blowing to watch her do it.  She has a thirst for learning.  Currently she enjoys asking (and guessing) how things are spelled.  Parents, what do you do when you can't talk in code to your spouse by spelling out words because your child can spell too!  We've started to run into this at 3.5!  We're also working on left and right and telling time on an analog clock.  She enjoys preschool, too.  We hear songs about the months of the year and the days of the week and talk about the weather- all from preschool.

This girl still loves music.  Loves to sing, loves to dance, loves to be in church when we're singing, loves listening to the radio, loves to play on the piano while reading lyrics that Dan prints out and puts up there etc.

Outside is one of Annique's favorite places to be.  She can open the door and get out by herself now, which is a bit scary.  She will entertain herself in the yard for a long time.  She enjoys bringing me treasures which include berries, leaves, sticks, acorns and-her personal favorite-flowers.  Even if we are walking from a parking lot to a building, Annique will pick up a leaf or a rock or a stick to take in in with her.  Sometimes after she goes to bed, I throw these things back outside.

She is also very difficult right now.  The whining (which has been around for awhile), is now accompanied by belligerence.  The following has come out of her mouth:
"Do NOT do that, Mommy- DO NOT DO THAT!"
"It is NOT hot in the car!"
"You do NOT need to feed Camille!"
"No! Stop singing mommy, stop singing!"
"No, it is NOT the Labor Day Sale!" (to the radio)
"No, NO NO!  I want to do it!"
See a theme?  And I know this is developmentally appropriate, but it is so hard on us when we feel like we can't leave her in her class at church or with a babysitter while we lead small group downstairs (same house!) because she doesn't want to leave us.  She throws a screaming tantrum hissy fit when we try.  Quite exhausting.  Anyone else have experience with the terrible threes?

She is still very in love with her diapers.  I get so frustrated when I have to change a poopy diaper, honestly.  Plus we can't put Camille in the cloth diapers because Annique is still in them!

Speaking of Camille, Annique loves her.  She constantly wants to know where Camille is and what she is doing.  She's a great helper getting things for me while I'm nursing or handing teething toys back when little sister drops them.  She even has a little voice for her when she gets real close and slowly squeals, "Hi, Camille!"  Camille loves Annique right back.  Her big sister always makes her smile, and is really good at making her laugh.

 Happy 3 1/2, 'Nique!


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