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Sewing Project: Burp Rags

Since my mom gave me her old sewing machine, I thought this Learn to Sew series over at Crazy Little Projects would be a good idea.  I went for it!  I read all the pre-lessons and was eager to start.

Lesson #1 was How to Sew a Straight Line.  This was a great post for the absolute beginner, like myself.  It was also well done with clear instructions, great pictures, and links to what she is talking about in her sewing dictionary, if something was unclear.  After you learn the skill, she gives you a crazy little project for you to demonstrate your new skill.

Now in typical Courtney fashion, I start my new skill on an epic project.  While working on lesson one, I was simultaneously repairing my cloth diapers.  I feel like I can conquer anything after removing and replacing the leg and waist elastic and the hook and loop (aka Velcro) tabs on those diapers.  So, I didn't really practice sewing in a straight line.

I did enjoy heading to the craft store to get some fabric.  I picked out a bundle of coordinating fabrics because that just made things easier.  I also went to Target and got some of these.  I washed both the fabric and the cloth, then ironed, then sewed.

Here is the result:

A cute burp cloth set!  Please admire the stitching on the top one especially.  Let me show you:

So fun!  Easy and cute.  I would make these again.  I would also try to find a higher quality cloth diaper.  I'll try using one of these as a Camille drool catcher to see how well it absorbs and how it washes up, but I still think a higher quality diaper would be a nice touch if I were to make these for a gift.

Would you want to receive something like this as a baby gift?


Anonymous said...

Those are super cute! :)

Rebecca Sundquist said...

Yay! Let's talk about cloth diapering sometime.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delay on the comment but the burp cloths are great. I have been making similar ones for years and people love them and ask for more when they have another kiddo. My experience is people prefer them cause they have a larger surface area than the ones you purchase in the store and absorb better as well. you can also make them with two stripes of ribbon. Becky Howe

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