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Trip to Saint Louis Part 1

This was our first trip as a family of four.  It was also Annique's first stay in a hotel room with us.  It was definitely an, um, memorable trip.  (I don't want to quite as far as to say disaster because quality time was spent with family!)

We arrived on Friday afternoon, thanks for Dan taking the day off work.  It was raining almost the entire drive.  It was pouring rain for a lot of that drive.  We stopped for lunch at the infamous town of Boonvile (spent about 4 hours there on the way to CHIC 2009).  We met another family traveling to Saint Louis with their 18 month-old son. Annique kept asking him, "What are you doing today?" Dan moved the car closer to the restaurant in the downpour only for it to let up minutes after we got in.

We were so happy to see Mary and the girls when we arrived (Steven wasn't home yet). Annique went upstairs with the girls and Aunt Mary got to hold her newest niece.

Avery had a fashion show for us. Soon these two arrived dressed like this:


So cute!  Holly even wore this dress out to our delicious dinner at the Vine. Steven took Maya to a birthday party so it was just Dan and six girls. We felt we mastered the meal having entertained three children in the rain during the long wait for a table (Camille was asleep).

Back at the hotel, we had a miserable night.  We put Annique in her bed at 9:00 (we got back late from the restaurant) and we went to bed not too long after.  That girl was up talking, singing, humming, and quoting Camille's sounds until 11:00pm.  It. Was. Awful.  At 5:30, she woke up and again started talking and singing and quoting Camille's sounds for about 15 minutes, and fortunately she fell back asleep until 8:30.  We all slept until 8:30, the time that Dan was supposed to be at his conference.  He helped me get the girls ready and though breakfast in the lobby before heading out.

We met the Vance girls at City Garden and climbed on some art before heading to a Justin Roberts concert.

He and his band played kids music and Mary and I enjoyed watching the girls dance around.  The last song was called, "Meltdown." Ironically, that is when Annique lost it.  So we had a real fun half-mile walk back to our car where my expert whiny dawdler showed her stuff.  When we arrived at the car, Annique whined for me to change her diaper. Ugh, really?!  So I plopped her in the grass next to the sidewalk and changed a poopy diaper outside.  Let's just say it would have been much more convenient to be in a paper diaper that time...

After parking the car in the hotel garage, the three of us got on the elevator (Camille was in the stroller).  We went down to the first floor and the doors opened, I pushed Camille off and turned around in time to see the elevator doors shut, with dawdler extraordinaire still on it.  This situation did not improve her mood.  I pushed the up button but the elevator was already heading up to the second floor with Annique.  I could hear the precise moment the doors opened and the screamer emerged one floor up.  Fortunately, the stairs were open and right next to the elevator.  I left Camille in her stroller on the first floor, bounded up a flight of stairs, grabbed the sobbing Annique and whisked her back down to her oblivious sister.  Seriously, kid.

Click here for my next post to see if this day got better or worse and to hear about the end of our trip..

(I also got a few more great pics!)


Jean Kelley said...

Aw, so sorry the trip didn't go smoother for you. Our car trips this summer were exhausting with the kids, but as you said... quality time with family. Oye!

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