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Saint Louis Trip Part 2

Well, nothing can really top the epic experience of losing your child in an elevator, but thanks for tuning in to hear how the rest of the trip went. (Click here if you missed part 1.)

So I manage to get everyone back to our hotel room.  I tried to get Annique to settle down for some quiet time, knowing she really wouldn't sleep.  The cartoons on TV were lame and did not hold her attention.   I eventually pulled out the iPad and had the girl at least still and focused on one thing until Dan got back from his conference.

We met the Vance family for dinner at La Vallesana.  It was yummy, and well priced.  The restaurant was also freezing and included a very whinny Annique.  Avery and Maya just got back from publishing camp and were eagerly showing us the pages they wrote and illustrated in the book.  Holly was entertaining Annique by blowing raspberries and then they would both giggle.  After our meal, I took the whining Annique and Maya outside while Dan paid for our meal.  It was so beautiful out.

Pool time was next on the agenda.  Dan took Annique down while I fed Camille.  The Vance family joined us at the hotel pool.  I wanted to get some pics of everyone swimming and had a hard time locating the camera.  Not in the hotel room.  (Hmmm.)  Held Camille and walked out to the parking garage.  Not in the car.  (Nervous.)  Still not in the hotel room.  Went to the pool.  Dan hadn't seen it in awhile.  Did we leave it at the restaurant?  (Fear.)  Trying to find the phone number to La Vallesana.  (Wrote it off as gone.  Tried to remember what pics I hadn't uploaded and were forever lost.)  Called and eventually got to talk to someone with good english.  They still had it!  (Relief.) Drove down and retrieved it while Dan dealt with an extremely tired child. (Craved ice cream for some reason.)

That night, we let Annique listen to music on her headphones.  She FINALLY gave in to sleep.

Getting the headphones off without waking her took some great ninja moves by Dan.

The next morning, we woke up rested.  The girls hung out while we packed up.  We had a cute baby in a great mood and some nice light for these pics.

The highlight of the trip was spending time with the Vance family at their house before heading out.  I introduced Avery to parkour (via YouTube, not a demonstration).  We snuggled with this sweetie:

Who loved making Camille smile.

 We were in awe of how much this girl has grown:

And were completely amused when Annique learned what a wig was. (SO glad I had the camera back for that!)

We ended the trip with a wonderful family lunch.

The drive home started with Camille screaming for the first 25 minutes.  This outburst was followed by her sleeping pretty much the rest of the way.  SO AWESOME. We drove straight through.  Annique doesn't sleep in the car very well and was up the whole way back.  She was the gold medalist in the sport of whining.

We came home to a very clean house which had no showings while we were away.


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