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Sight Word Work

Although she is only three and three months, Annique is all about letters and the sounds they make.  When given a choice on the iPad, she often chooses games that have to do with words or letters.  She's a HUGE fan of both the Letter Factory (which we own) and the Talking Word Factory (which we don't).  She blows me away by hopping onto my lap and reading words off the computer screen that I didn't know she knew!

She spelled her name (as best she could with what was available).
She's reading by sight many words she recognizes from her books.  I started keeping up with her and made a 20 or so note cards for her.  I placed them on the floor and she would jump over the word as she read it.  She has a blast with this game, but it is harder to play with a sleeping baby around.  :o)

Here's a video of Annique jumping sight words.

A blog I really enjoy is 1+1+1=1.  She has lots of great and inspiring ideas.  You can also get some freebees every once in awhile if you sign up for her e-newsletter.  Most of her material is free anyway. 

Annique is going through the You Can Read material from the 1+1+1=1 blog.  I laid out the first four sight words and immediately she read, "a, and, see, the."  Even though she knew them, we still spent a week or so interacting with them.  Next week we'll work with I, can, me, you.  She knows all these words as well but since she loves words so much, I think she'll still have fun.


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