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Mother's Day, Father's Day and more Handmade Cards

From Mother's Day to Father's Day, here's what I've been up to:

Here is my Mother's Day Card.  The Martha Stewart Score Board got some use for this one.  That and some long-abandoned wavy scissors.  I had a hard time making straight lines with these until I started tracing a straight line on the back and then cutting on it. 

Another mosaic card, which I love.  I also like the My Mind's Eye 6x6 pad from which this paper for both of these cards came.  The size is perfect and it helps be coordinate the designed papers together.

My brother has a chili pepper tattoo so I got this paper for him a few birthdays back.  I found I still had some and incorporated it into another mosaic card for his birthday this year.

If anyone knows the trick for arranging pictures in blogger, PLEASE COMMENT!

I found a tutorial on YouTube on how to fold an oragami shirt.  I found it pretty simple and I used the result for my Father's Day cards this year. (I forgot to take a picture of the third one before I gave it away.)

For this wedding card, I used the last of the paint chip circles I had from making this card. I usually save scraps from other cards and file them in a folder.  Taking out one of those folders and creating a card from the pieces within is one of my favorite ways to make a card.  Another example of that below:

These pieces were the negatives from this card.  This one was a shower card for my future sister-in-law.  She made me feel pretty special by showing it off to some of her friends.  :o)

I still try to design a card each weekend.  It doesn't always happen, but I really enjoy my time creating when it does!

Sight Word Work

Although she is only three and three months, Annique is all about letters and the sounds they make.  When given a choice on the iPad, she often chooses games that have to do with words or letters.  She's a HUGE fan of both the Letter Factory (which we own) and the Talking Word Factory (which we don't).  She blows me away by hopping onto my lap and reading words off the computer screen that I didn't know she knew!

She spelled her name (as best she could with what was available).
She's reading by sight many words she recognizes from her books.  I started keeping up with her and made a 20 or so note cards for her.  I placed them on the floor and she would jump over the word as she read it.  She has a blast with this game, but it is harder to play with a sleeping baby around.  :o)

Here's a video of Annique jumping sight words.

A blog I really enjoy is 1+1+1=1.  She has lots of great and inspiring ideas.  You can also get some freebees every once in awhile if you sign up for her e-newsletter.  Most of her material is free anyway. 

Annique is going through the You Can Read material from the 1+1+1=1 blog.  I laid out the first four sight words and immediately she read, "a, and, see, the."  Even though she knew them, we still spent a week or so interacting with them.  Next week we'll work with I, can, me, you.  She knows all these words as well but since she loves words so much, I think she'll still have fun.

Note Card Journal

July 5 marks one year of my keeping a note card journal.  Random date to start, yes, but I didn't want to wait until January 1.  Let me back up and first address what the heck a note card journal is.

I got the idea here.  Essentially, you take index cards and stamp (or write) the date and the month on them-one card for every day of the year.  You end up with 365 cards.  Then you take the card with the current date on it and on the first line, write the year and then a few words about what happened that day.  File that card in the back and the next day is ready for you to write about tomorrow.

I did this for an entire year, writing a little something that happened each day, both the exciting and the mundane.  I need to be a bit more concise, but I think as I keep up with this and reread what happened previously, I will be better able to determine what is worth reading a year later.

I gave note card journals as Christmas gifts in 2012.  I tried using a strawberry container for the note cards as the original creator did.  However, in these parts, the farmers in the farmers' market use this container, which is narrower at the bottom and wider at the top.  This design is not ideal for holding note cards.

Even if you trimmed them to fit the narrow bottom, they are too loose at the top.  Trust me, I tried.

However, I did find this pencil holder at OfficeMax and it works perfectly when you take the middle divider piece out.  The cards are in sideways, but you don't have to sacrifice any length and the date is clearly visible on top.

The original creator used vintage postcards to divide the months.  I did this for one of the gifts and it looked pretty cool.  When I went back to the Antique Mall for more, the postcards were harder to find and more expensive per card so I used different colored card stock as dividers and they looked great as well.  I didn't make dividers for the one I use personally.  I thought I could always add them later if I found I needed them.

So now I have one year's worth of sentence memories.  I LOVE IT!  Technically, I have almost a year and a half because my husband has been writing down what happens in a day on the computer for the past few years.  He helped me go back and so I could fill in January through July 4, 2012.  Just ask me what I was doing on your birthday last year and I can tell you!

This is a wonderful gift as well.  Those to whom I gave it were very appreciative.  I have the date stamp if you want to borrow it!


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