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Paint Dot Markers

This was Annique's first time with paint dot markers.  They were a hit!  This activity also took place back on March 18, which explains the warm pajamas.  It marks the beginning stages of her curiosity about the sounds that letters make, on which she comments below.

 "I'm painting."

 "Wanna do the blue."

"Y starts with Yellow."  Meh, close enough.

She loved counting the circles in the shapes I was giving her.  She correctly counted 16 circles on the square and 24 circles on the rectangle.

"The lellow is awesome."

Annique may have thought that the yellow was awesome, but really it was the green.  Once she found that, she didn't go back to any other color.

See what I mean?  Nailed the amount of circles on there though!  That is my number/letter loving girl!

She's watching me type this post and asking to paint dots again.  This time I'll throw in some letters with the shapes.

*Note- Did you see the clear marble in every picture?  She loves that thing and it goes MIA quite frequently.  Like now, for instance, we have no idea where it is.  I mean, it is a CLEAR MARBLE!


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