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This Looks Tasty (some of it anyway)

Five more recipes have jumped from Pinterest to real life.  Here are my thoughts on them:

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Hashbrowns

These have been floating around Pinterest as "Crack Potatoes," but after knowing someone who has overcome a drug addiction, I don't find calling addictive things "crack" cute.  Anyway, we weren't huge fans of this cheddar bacon ranch potato casserole.  Maybe we aren't huge cheddar bacon ranch fans overall.  To me, it needed something else, although I can't quite pinpoint what.  I think fresh green onions would have helped.

Savory Chicken

This was OK.  Not great enough to make it into regular rotation, though because I found that I didn't save the recipe.  I also didn't make any notes of what I thought about it.

Oven Baked Chicken Fajitas

These were pretty good.  It is nice to have a fajita option that does not involve me standing over the stove waiting for the vegetables to soften and the chicken to cook.  I could even prepare this early in the day and leave it in the fridge until 30 minutes before dinner is served, when I could pop it in the oven.


I love toffee so I wanted to try to make some.  The author says she does not use a candy thermometer when making this, but I should have.  The consistency was not quite right for me because I think I needed to cook it a bit longer.  The taste, however, was wonderful!

Slow Cooker Creamy Ranch Pork Chops

This was good!  Unfortunately, not as quick of a meal to dump into the slow cooker since I have to first make the cream of chicken soup from scratch to make it gluten-free.  However, I'm sure it tastes even better AND I know exactly what it in it.

Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

My husband is a rice fan.  However, introducing quinoa into our diet has also gone over well.  This recipe was quite good.  It calls for cream of mushroom soup.  I learned (from this blog) that Progresso makes a creamy mushroom soup that is gluten-free.  Cheaper to make your own, but faster to use Progresso's version.

I love to cook and try new recipes from Pinterest.  So many more are on the waiting list for a future post!

Paint Dot Markers

This was Annique's first time with paint dot markers.  They were a hit!  This activity also took place back on March 18, which explains the warm pajamas.  It marks the beginning stages of her curiosity about the sounds that letters make, on which she comments below.

 "I'm painting."

 "Wanna do the blue."

"Y starts with Yellow."  Meh, close enough.

She loved counting the circles in the shapes I was giving her.  She correctly counted 16 circles on the square and 24 circles on the rectangle.

"The lellow is awesome."

Annique may have thought that the yellow was awesome, but really it was the green.  Once she found that, she didn't go back to any other color.

See what I mean?  Nailed the amount of circles on there though!  That is my number/letter loving girl!

She's watching me type this post and asking to paint dots again.  This time I'll throw in some letters with the shapes.

*Note- Did you see the clear marble in every picture?  She loves that thing and it goes MIA quite frequently.  Like now, for instance, we have no idea where it is.  I mean, it is a CLEAR MARBLE!


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