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Welcome, Camille Norah!

Baby Gras #2 was due May 15.  With my history of fast labor and the fact that I was group B Strep positive, we were planning to induce labor on Monday, May 13 to make sure I got two rounds of antibiotics in before the baby was born.  I was a bit nervous about inducing labor, but since my plan was to get an epidural anyway I figured it wouldn't matter if the contractions were more intense.  We had to be at the hospital at 6:00am.

Sunday night, we dropped Annique off at Grandma and Grandpa Gras' house.  We cleaned, did laundry, finished packing our hospital bags and went to bed around 11:00.  At 12:30, I rolled out of bed.  "Contractions?" Dan asked.  "My water broke." I answered.  (I rolled out of bed to spare the mattress: success.)  I called my dad who was the on-call nurse anesthetist at the time to tell him my water broke, but that I was not having any contractions.  I wanted to give him time to call someone to come in because he didn't want to be the one to put in my epidural.   We got things together and headed to the hospital, arriving at 1:00am.  Contractions started in the car on the way in.  I also started trembling.  I don't remember having that issue with Annique, but it is such a weird feeling to be shaking and have no control over it.

I arrived at a 6 contracting to a 7. They hooked me up to the monitor and I could hear our little baby's heartbeat.  Two nurses came in and both missed when trying to start my IV for the antibiotics.  My dad ended up coming in and successfully getting it started.  My doctor arrived (which was awesome because she was out of town for the weekend so I'm glad she was back).  Contractions were pretty intense and my dad asked if I could wait for his co-worker to get in.  I told him I was pretty uncomfortable.  Although it is not what he had intended, my dad ended up putting in my epidural as well.  It went smoothly and worked effectively.  Thanks, Dad!

Dad starting my IV
I was able to rest a bit for about an hour an a half because by now it was around 2:00am.  By rest, I do not mean sleep because you can't really sleep when your blood pressure is taken every 15 minutes.  Dan was resting in a chair next to my bed.  I remember turning to him about 3:40 and saying, "Something is happening, something is changing and I think we're getting very close."  The trembling came back as well.  Later, I was told that my body was most likely trembling as a result of such a quick labor.

At that point my wonderful doctor came back in with a few nurses and sure enough it was time to push.  Camille was born at 3:54 am and when they set her on my tummy, I could only see her head, I still didn't know if she was a boy or a girl.  Someone scooted her closer and my suspicions were confirmed: girl!

A big girl weighing in at 8 pounds 9 ounces, 19.5 inches long.

Woah, look at that strawberry blond hair!
A short while later, my mom and dad came in to meet their newest granddaughter. My whole family visited later in the day--including Dan's sisters from St. Louis and Wichita!  It was so great to see everyone.  As a mom, it warms you heart when people are excited about your child.  We're excited about this new little life as well.  We know we are so blessed.

More Handmade Cards

Either I have been very busy making cards or I have not posted my creations recently.  Or both.  I am back to trying to make (or at least design) a card every weekend.  I'm sure this post looks long on your scroll bar, but know going in that it is mostly pictures.

I made this one back in November for a couple to celebrate 25 years of missionary service with Youthfront, their 30th wedding anniversary and their 50th birthdays!  I love how the design (which is from the Wild Card cartridge) is so versatile.  I held on to the negatives of this cut because I think they will make a pretty cool card as well.

Our next door neighbor got engaged so I made this card for her.  I got to use a bunch of my shiny scraps for this one.  The cut is an SVG file from the SVGcuts website.  It was a free cut at the time, but I don't think it is currently available for free.

I gave my neighbor the engagement card along with these Rolo Pretzel treats and put them in this treat bag I made from a 12x12 piece of cardstock.  Loved this tutorial on how to make it!

Here is a card I made from scraps (of which I have a TON!)  I like how it turned out and plan to make more of these from scraps.


For my mom's 60th birthday, I asked family and her friends if they would like to spend some time with her.  For those who responded, I made a little coupon book (of tags from the Picturesque cartridge) so I could have something to physically give her on her birthday.  I wrote their name and what they wanted to do (take her to lunch, visit her garden, etc.) on each card.  She has started writing the date and what they did on the back of each tag when the coupon is redeemed.  (This gift went over VERY WELL!  Try giving it to someone and see what I mean!)

Here is a card I made for a wedding with paper I had yet to use from Ten Thousand Villages.  The cut is from the Cricut Cake cartridge.  I liked the cut so much I used the negative of it for another card that I think turned out even better.

Simple, yet elegant.  I actually keep this one on display on my crafting desk.


For my friend's baby shower, I wanted to make a blue bird with a white baby, but got my cuts confused when I entered them so here is the result.  Still cute.  I made another one for her with a purple bird and peach baby which turned out like this:

I didn't leave myself tons of time between making the card and the shower, but if I did, I may have added a sentiment on the front.

This is actually a card by Gartner Studios that I got at Target.  I just I jazzed it up using the same collage method as seen above with scraps of blue.  I wish I could tell you where all my paper comes from but I don't keep track, I just integrate it with my other patterned paper (which are divided by color) when I get it.

This last one is a sympathy card I made using cuts from the Serenade cartridge.  I'm not used to a Cricut Solutions cartridge and really miss the booklet!  Fortunately, the Cricut Craft Room is very helpful in such situations.  Do you have any experience/ thoughts/ opinions on Cricut Solutions cartridges?


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