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She's Three!

And she is doing so well!  At her three year appointment, the doctor said she was in the 50th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for height.  Physically, she has been very healthy.  She's still wearing inserts in her shoes for support and is currently discovering the joy of climbing things.  We're working on the girl dressing/undressing herself.  She's perfectly content with her diapers still.  :o(  We'll work on that more this summer.  We also need to work on Quiet Time.  She's awful at it and no reward or consequence we've tried has worked yet.  It's very frustrating for a tired Mama who needs to rest during that time.  Any suggestions are welcome in the comments!

Socially, she is sweet, gentle, affectionate and not afraid of strangers. She's starting to play with other kids her age instead of playing alongside them.  This girl LOVES music and to sing!  She is beginning to be able to identify a song on the radio within the first 5 seconds.  She will also ask, "What is this song called?" for every song she doesn't know (including ads with music in them).

Intellectually, she will blow you away!  She can memorize a book after having read it once or twice.   She can count to 100.  She knows all 26 letters: upper case, lower case AND the sounds they make.  You can open a novel and ask her if she sees any words she knows- she'll pick out several that she can read: the, so, you, to, me, in, by, and, we, all, want etc.  Yesterday, she read her first sentence: I want to.  I think she'll love starting preschool in the fall, both intellectually and socially.

Her favorites change often but lately she's been asking to read stories from these books:

She LOVED her birthday party.   What kid doesn't like a party where they are the center, right? Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Gras for hosting.

Enjoying the family's rendition of "Happy Birthday."

She's really into the Pigeon Books by Mo Willems.  She got The Duckling Gets a Cookie AND a stuffed pigeon for her birthday.  "The pigeon kiss the pigeon."

Loving her new sunglasses, which is good because the pair she got for her last birthday are nowhere to be found.

Her gift from Dan and I was this dollhouse I found at the Kid's Closet Connection consignment sale for $5.00 (LOVE a good deal!!).  She plays with it daily.

Yeah, I think we'll keep her around for at least another year. I mean, look at that face! :o)


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