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Garage Sale Pricing Tips

Here's a great organizing tip for you as you do your spring cleaning or decluttering or the "preparing to move purge" as is our case.  Some people (myself included) keep a box of things they plan to sell in a garage sale to happen in the future.  Say your neighborhood garage sale is in the summer but you are cleaning out your home now. All that stuff needs to be boxed up, right?  Right.  But make it easy on yourself later by getting pricing labels and pricing everything as it goes into the box.

It will be much easier to price a few items at a time, as you purge them, rather than a whole garage of items the night before the sale.  I liked this site's pricing guide.  I'm not an avid garage sale fanatic (but am willing to learn if anyone wants a student in the art!) so I have a hard time determining the value of my used stuff. 

Then box up your stuff and put it in the attic/basement until the time of the sale.  I would also suggest writing the contents of the box on the side and NOT the top so you can stack boxes and still see what is in them.  Shout out to my bar-tending brother who scored tons of beer boxes for us!

If you are looking for ways to have an organized garage sale, check out DaNita's blog.  I enjoy her organizing ideas and this post is amazing!  So organized!



DGras said...

If you want to have a garage sale, we need to start looking at all the stuff in the attic!

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