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Playing with Pipe Cleaners and a Colander

The first time Annique played with pipe cleaners was November 1, 2011.  The only reason I know that was because I took pictures, which are dated in the computer.

She was 18 months old at the time.  The initial activity of playing with pipe cleaners through the holes of a colander didn't go over too well, but she loved the colander itself.

I thought this might be fun for Annique to try again, now that she's almost three (not sure why waited so long, though).  I stocked the strainer with a few pipe cleaners and let her play around with them.

Again, the "threading" of pipe cleaners in the colander didn't hold her attention very long (5 minutes or less).  She still loved the colander itself.

However, this time around she became more intrigued with the pipe cleaners themselves.  She knows what they are and calls them pipe cleaners.  She even knows which colors I have out.  She'll have a few in her hand and will come ask me, "Where is the blue pipe cleaner?" knowing she is missing that color.

I've tried showing her how they are flexible and positionable, but instead of exploring those properties for herself, she asks mommy to bend it.  I'm happy to play with her and show her how they work, but is there a way I can encourage her to try it herself instead of always having "Mommy do it!"?  Should I just be patient and wait for her to want to manipulate them herself?  My standard answer is, "Mommy will be happy to do it after Annique tries."  Her standard response is to whine or cry with the occasional attempt to try it herself.  Ah, parenting!  I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions in the comments.


Laura said...

Just keep encouraging. Have her try it first. Next hold her hand to show her how. And if it still isn't working, show her how and then undo it and have her try again. Just be patient and consistent, as with all realms of parenting!!!! Just stay positive!!

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