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Cloud Dough Play

I saw this recipe for Cloud Dough and wanted to give it a whirl for the girl.  Of course, I had to take the flour from my mom because we don't have any around here.  (With the gluten-free guy around, I just never use it.) I actually made this ahwile back but kept it in a zip-lock bag until I could get a good bucket to put it in.  Enter Grandpa, with a hospital wash basin.  :o)

I put it on a towel and let her go to town.  She was entertained for about 45 minutes. She stuck her hands right in and then did her favorite thing, "I smell it."  She LOVES the sense of smell.  I loved all her commentary.  "This is Cloud Dough."

"Squish, squish!"

"I'm burying my hand."

 "Where did my hand go?"

"Hand starts with an H.  H says Huh. Huh."

"Dry it with the towel!"

"That's a good Cloud Dough."


Trisha said...

So fun! We always enjoy cloud dough.

Courtney G. said...

Do you make it from scratch each time? If not, do you need to add more oil to "freshen" it up or does it store well?

DG said...

Good activity

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