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Painting the Concrete

Lest you think I let my daughter go around barefoot wearing shorts in winter, I'll confess I'm pretty late with this post.  It definitely took place when things were greener back in August.  :o)

I love to go outside when it is nice.  For me, "nice" is a very small temperature range but I try to be flexible and take Annique outside when it is a bit above or below "nice." This day, I thought she would have some fun painting the concrete with cornstarch paint.


See, smiling already.

Then she wanted to paint the crack in the concrete.

What happens when I dump it over?

 That looks interesting!  I should splash it.

Look at that, blue hands!

The masterpiece:

The artist:

She really loved this activity.  I'll do it again (when it is warmer) with more colors.  I would love to hear what she has to say about painting on concrete.  She can communicate so much better now than six months ago.


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