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Crafting Desk Progress and Ribbon Storage Thoughts

My crafting desk is my challenge area in terms of organization.  I have an overwhelming amount of things to organize for one.  Also, there are other areas of the house I feel are more important to be functional and organized.  However, I love to create here and I find as I get more drawers organized, my desk is getting used more.  This is because I am getting better at putting things away when I'm done leaving the desk clear for more projects.

You may remember this post a long time ago where I started creating my own storage containers.  I LOVE this method, but it takes a lot of time.  I have completed another drawer so I have a before and after shot for you.


This was my ribbon and hair bow-making drawer.  I laid out everything I wanted in the drawer and made some storage boxes to fit my specific needs.  I also spent some time researching ribbon storage.  I completed my design and here is the final result:

For the amount of ribbon I usually have on hand, I thought the wrapping method I saw on this blog was the way to go.  I even have some room to grow, which is good.  I had ribbon spools strung on a rod (singular) like this:


but didn't like having to take the whole thing apart to take off an empty spool.  I also tried this for awhile:

but I found it a bit annoying to re-coil the ribbon when I was done with it. 

With the completion of another drawer, my desk is definitely taking shape!  I owe a lot of this to the Spring Cleaning 365 blog because this post inspired me to spend at least 10 minutes organizing this space every day.  That might translate to planning a drawer; researching rubber stamp storage; or designing, building and covering storage bins.  The progress is encouraging and the task is less intimidating when broken down like that.

I also owe a lot to this free class by Tiffany of The Scrap Rack who teaches an excellent process of systematically organizing your crafting supplies (scrapbook supplies specifically).  I took that class back in 2012 and LOVE what I learned!  Maybe some day I will be a personal organizer who specializes in craft areas.  Hmmm...

Anyway, some final before/afters for you of my completed drawers:

For my first drawer I do not have the best "before" pic since I started laying stuff out before remembering to take a "before" shot.

 And the ribbon and hair bow drawer.


Fixing Footies

I have always loved pointillism art.  I think it appeals to my Type-A, left brain personality.  Ah, the meticulous beauty.

I loved this piece from an art museum in Indianapolis.  Here's a closer look:

Now, what does that have to do with footie pajamas?

Well, we are very blessed to have several friends who pass along their clothes for Annique to wear.  Around this time of year, we break out the warm, cute footie pajamas.  Annqiue loves running around in them.  The problem comes when she tries to stop because we have hardwood floors and the footies have lost their grip.  Poor baby has wiped out several times.  I could fix this problem I thought, as I held a crying girl whose head had banged the floor after a particularly bad fall.

My supplies:

 T-Shirt paint and the cute yellow monkey footies.

 Not sure you can see how worn these little grips are.  I'm about to fix that!

 I just started making rows of dots along the bottom of the pajamas.

Halfway there.  I let it dry completely before starting the other foot.

Done!  I liked the feel of all these dots.

Close- up view.

And yes, they work!  No more slipping and sliding.  Since I used T-shirt paint, these little dots have held up for several washings as well.  The success was so great, I fixed two more pairs!  Even Dan was impressed.  :o)


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