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Two Point Five

One of the things for which I enjoy using my blog is to document what my child is doing these days.

On Saturday the 20th, Annique turned two and a half.  If you ask her how old she is, she will show you a two on her hand.  She works hard but can successfully show you a 1-5 on her hand.  She can count verbally to 20 and can count backwards from 10 thanks to this video.  She really likes numbers and is particularly drawn to digital clocks.  She will read the time, "One zero zero, one of clock, one hundred!" or "One two one seven (for 12:17)!" Then she'll stare at it waiting for it to change and she'll say, "Maybe an eight." or whatever number would come next.

Sweet girl still loves to sing! The other night we took her on a wagon ride and we heard the alphabet, Come Thou Fount Of (as she calls it), and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (as she noticed the stars.)  She likes to imitate dad when he practices worship songs for Sunday and will even make requests.  Dan wanted to play some Billy Joel on the piano when he got home from work but all Annique wanted to hear was "Rise with a Shout!" by which she means "Our God's Alive" by Andy Cherry.  This is one of my favorite videos of her singing, "Beneath the Waters (I Will Rise)," by Hillsong.

One year ago, Annique started walking (first steps at 17 mos and walking at 18 mos).  Now, she is super-active and loves running up and down the hall, usually while repeating word or phrase that makes no sense. "Mcazey!  Mcazey!  Mcazey!"  She still wears inserts in her shoes but has no problems with them.  She likes playing the game where you say an action and she will do it (run, walk, squat, spin, gallop, walk backwards).

The last skill that I will brag on is "reading."  She is coming closer.  She loves books and will now entertain herself with them.  She has memorized many of her books and will "read" them to herself.  She will also recite them while at dinner or some other time she does not have the book in front of her.  I love this!  Her pronunciation is actually pretty good.  Here are just a few of her memorized selections:

Thanks for letting me gloat over my big girl!


Michele T said...

I love your gloating and your BIG girl! I miss you guys so much!

Anonymous said...

:-) Love that Nique!!! I have witnessed the memorized go dogs go! So cute!! Mo

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