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Living Room Before and After

When we moved into our mid-century home back in 2006, it had a lot of decor updates that needed to take place.  Gold chain to a low hanging fan, ugly carpet, average window treatments, ugly paint/ border to name a few.  We are finally finished with the living room and I would like to show you some before, during, and after pictures.  This is how the living room was set up when we put in our offer:

  This is what it looks like now:

Now, if you've been over you might think, I've seen your living room look like that for a while now.  True, painting and such was completed back in 2009 and some decor help came along in 2010.  But I didn't want to call it done until I finally found the art to go above the piano.  Actually, I made it myself from this tutorial.  I LOVE the lamps I got at Hobby Lobby (50% off!) and glued some ribbon with beads hanging off to the bottom.  Points to my mom for that idea.  Points to my Aunt Susie for upholstering some plain ottomans from Nebraska Furniture Mart and using the leftover fabric for throw pillows.  With a two-year-old scampering about, there are generally more toys around, but we do keep most of them hidden in the ottoman.

When the previous owners moved out, they left the bookcases along the wall.  On our final walk-through, we asked that they be removed.  To us, they were furniture. To them, they were fixtures because the walls were not painted behind them AND the carpet was not updated beneath them. Read: new tack strip laid right in front of the bookcases.  No matter, we enjoy the hardwood floors now.

Here are the hallway before and afters:

And here is a shot of the rest of the room by the front door.

I get comments all the time on my mom's hooked rug with our engagement picture in it.  The rug was designed and hooked by my mom who lovingly incorporated pieces of her wedding veil into the piece.  More points to her.  Let's look at the rest of the room again:

Love  love love it! 


Rebecca Sundquist said...

Awesome job, Courtney. Did you add some trim around the windows too?

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