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Fizzing Fun

I LOVE all the ideas for toddler play over at Play at Home Mom.  I've also seen many good ideas on Pinterest as well.  I know I don't need to set up an elaborate "invitation" (as they are called on the PAHM blog) every single day, but I do need to be better about inspiring learning through play more often than I do.

This idea came from Pinterest.  I had the supplies on hand so we tried it out.  I took a pan and filled the bottom with baking soda.  I took a few small containers and filled them with vinegar and food coloring.  I taught her how to use the eyedroppers and we were off!
Pretty neat just to drive the eyedropper around in there.  That drop cloth is getting annoying though.

There we go. Much better.  Putting some on the pink side.

Watching it fizz when you put the dropper back in the vinegar.

"Mommy do it."  How can I say no to those eyes?

As interest was waning, we just dumped the rest of the vinegar in for one last fizz-fest.  Annique enjoyed sliding the pan around on the floor.  "Round and round.  Round and round.  Gently!" She'd say.

This was great for her fine motor skills as well.  We should try this again soon!


Laura said...

We did that a while ago!! It was fun, although I didn't have much baking soda so the fun didn't last too long, but it is a great fine motor activity!! Good job mama! :)

DG said...

I know that girl

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