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Kitchen Drawer Organization

Ever since I discovered I Heart Organizing, I realized that yes, I too, heart organizing.  I'm still working on the scrapbooking desk drawers, but I have done a few tweaks here and there.  The first organizational thing I did was throw this cabinet shelf in my cabinet.

Yup.  That baby started it all.  I was able to shuffle some things around and put rarely used items out of the way and frequently used items in easy to access locations. (See the mixer?  Frequently used and now it's handy!)  Feeling good about this change, I felt it was time to tackle the utensil drawers.  Another good reason was because they looked like this:

I was tired of opening both drawers each time I needed something because it was inevitability not in the first drawer.  Also, some items kept the drawers from opening and/or closing.  I pulled everything out and evaluated what I really used and how often it was used.  I also made use of the drawer under our microwave, which previously held take-out menus and paper plates- both of which were rarely used.

I pared down and put few items in each drawer check out the amazing result:

And the recommissioned microwave drawer:

SO much better!  I can find exactly what I'm looking for every time.  Even better, my sweet hubby is making a conscious effort to learn where everything goes!  Win!

One final before/ after:


Laura said...

I heart I Heart Organizing too! Total inspiration!!

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