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First Attempt at Amigurumi

In my quest to try every craft out there, I've given amigurumi a shot.  Ok, that is not really my quest because I don't think I'll ever get into cross-stitch, but sometimes it seems that way.  I just like trying something once or twice to see if I can do it.  Handmade cards? Yes. Crochet? Yes.  Fleece no-sew blankets? Yes. Glass etching? Mixed results. Applique using the Cricut? Yes.  Amigurumi? Yes.

Now, what the heck is Amigurumi you ask?  It is the Japanese art of crocheting small animals or toys.  It is definitely an art to perfect so if I don't move on to something else and instead give this some practice, I could get to be amazing at it.  Maybe.

I went on and searched for a beginner amigurumi pattern and came across this link.  I pinned it, because that is what any self-respecting crafter does with a project they want to attempt.  Not only can I find the link again, but I can re-pin to my "Pinished" board, now right?  Who's with me here?

Those little monsters were pretty cute, so I whipped up one myself in this real fun green.

I didn't have any crafting eyes, I just had brads.  Er, my mom did, since I finished this at her house.  I also used wool for the eyes because my felt was at home.  Annique loved this guy, but he was for my niece who just turned seven.  No problem.

I made another for her, but this time I painted on pupils because I didn't want her pulling the brads off.  (She's my gentle girl, so I doubt she would have tried, but I have also learned not to doubt a two-year-old.)  These monsters are about two inches tall.

Feeling pretty confident, I wanted to see if there were any amigurumi books at my local library while I was there picking up a different book I'd had on hold.  I came across Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden.  The ninja looked worth a shot so here's my take on him:

At four inches tall, he's so stinkin' cute!  I wish I had silver thread for his star, but no matter.  He can still take you out.  He inspired me to get some black yarn so I could try him again.

So, anyone else hop from project to project?


pattilarson said...

Absolutely love it!!

Laura said...

So cute and adorable!

Sarina La Torre said...

I love your little monsters. They look like diabolic peas.

Courtney G. said...

that made me laugh! Diabolic Peas; a great band name I think.

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