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About that ceiling fan...

So I was lying on my bed looking up at our ceiling fan/ light fixture one afternoon.  I thought, that  thing is pretty ugly.  Maybe I could fix that.  I could add some pray paint at the least.  Maybe a new glass cover or some pulls, too.  Now, this is pure inspiration- no Pinterest post caused me to consider changing our fan.  However, once the wheels were already spinning, I turned to Pinterest to see what kind of tutorials they might have.

The pics of this fan makeover seemed like a worthy goal.

I took our fan apart and cleaned it.

Then I bought some dark brown Rustoleum spray paint and painted the blades and the metal cover.  Ah, so much better.  If it wasn't about to rain there would be an "after the spray paint" picture here.

Home Depot didn't have any pulls (that I could find without help) nor any lampshades.  Fortunately, Target had my back for the shade.  I scored this one on clearance.

I reassembled the fan and replaced the glass bowl thing with the lampshade.

Looks great-ish.  Unfortunately, the central part fan that comes out of the ceiling was installed crooked (a level fan- is that too much to ask?!).  The lampshade accentuates that fact, the glass bulb cover hides it.  Also, since it is not level, the lampshade touches the fan blades so we could never turn the fan on.  Dang!

So now it looks like this.  Better than the brass for sure, but the glass bulb cover leaves something to be desired.  I may check to see if Lowe's has any better options.  I would also like some pretty pulls.  The center was originally not going to be seen, so it is still that brass color.  It is not as easily detached for spray painting as the other parts were.  If I could somehow get a shade to work on there, that would be ideal.

I'm open for suggestions!  Any DIY-ers out there have an ideas?  Linking with:


Rebecca said...

Oh boy, what a fun project. Lowes always has more selection than the Depot. It should be easy to find pulls around there. I have some spare pulls, but no matching sets and nothing pretty. I have lots of pull chains of various sizes, if you need extensions.

Hey, is it unlevel or unbalanced? There's some kind of weight kit that you can apply to balance the blades.

Jeanette said...

It looks so much better now! Maybe you can find a different shade for it at Lowes or Home Depot. Looks like you will get many more years of use out of it now! Great job!

Staci Severns said...

You definitely nailed the project, Courtney! It does look wonderful with its new color! Have you found a lampshade for the ceiling fan? Well if you’re still having trouble with the fan level, you can try installing some weights on the blade of the fan. But, if you want a more permanent solution, maybe calling an expert to manually level it would be a better idea.

Courtney G. said...

Thanks! I have nicer pulls now but there is still no lampshade. I would also need some sort of diffuser under it because those bulbs are BRIGHT without the glass cover! Thanks for stopping by!

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