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Latest Cards #2

Here are the rest of the cards I've been working on as promised from two posts ago.  The first was Dan's Birthday card.

I used a free SVG file I found here.  I like all the layers that file had.

Here are my mother's day cards.

The design is the same, but a completely different look was achieved by switching up the colors.  I crocheted some flowers for the center and used cuts from two of my cartridges for the leaves and the sentiment.

This is a baby shower card for baby Jack (with envelope).

I scored the letter from the Hobby Lobby clearance section and the paper from a craigslist scrapbooking lot.  Be on the lookout for those!  People clear out their collections all the time.  It is also a good place to make some money if you'd like to get rid of things you don't use often.

May was a month for graduations!

I was SO thrilled how these turned out.  Gotta love the Wild Card cartridge!  Here's the envelope.

And this is a quilled card for a 3 year old's birthday.

He loves trains!  His dad works for BNSF so I had to make sure the engine was orange!

He seemed to enjoy it as well.


Me said...

Beautiful, Courtney! You are so talented!

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