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About that ceiling fan...

So I was lying on my bed looking up at our ceiling fan/ light fixture one afternoon.  I thought, that  thing is pretty ugly.  Maybe I could fix that.  I could add some pray paint at the least.  Maybe a new glass cover or some pulls, too.  Now, this is pure inspiration- no Pinterest post caused me to consider changing our fan.  However, once the wheels were already spinning, I turned to Pinterest to see what kind of tutorials they might have.

The pics of this fan makeover seemed like a worthy goal.

I took our fan apart and cleaned it.

Then I bought some dark brown Rustoleum spray paint and painted the blades and the metal cover.  Ah, so much better.  If it wasn't about to rain there would be an "after the spray paint" picture here.

Home Depot didn't have any pulls (that I could find without help) nor any lampshades.  Fortunately, Target had my back for the shade.  I scored this one on clearance.

I reassembled the fan and replaced the glass bowl thing with the lampshade.

Looks great-ish.  Unfortunately, the central part fan that comes out of the ceiling was installed crooked (a level fan- is that too much to ask?!).  The lampshade accentuates that fact, the glass bulb cover hides it.  Also, since it is not level, the lampshade touches the fan blades so we could never turn the fan on.  Dang!

So now it looks like this.  Better than the brass for sure, but the glass bulb cover leaves something to be desired.  I may check to see if Lowe's has any better options.  I would also like some pretty pulls.  The center was originally not going to be seen, so it is still that brass color.  It is not as easily detached for spray painting as the other parts were.  If I could somehow get a shade to work on there, that would be ideal.

I'm open for suggestions!  Any DIY-ers out there have an ideas?  Linking with:

Latest Cards #2

Here are the rest of the cards I've been working on as promised from two posts ago.  The first was Dan's Birthday card.

I used a free SVG file I found here.  I like all the layers that file had.

Here are my mother's day cards.

The design is the same, but a completely different look was achieved by switching up the colors.  I crocheted some flowers for the center and used cuts from two of my cartridges for the leaves and the sentiment.

This is a baby shower card for baby Jack (with envelope).

I scored the letter from the Hobby Lobby clearance section and the paper from a craigslist scrapbooking lot.  Be on the lookout for those!  People clear out their collections all the time.  It is also a good place to make some money if you'd like to get rid of things you don't use often.

May was a month for graduations!

I was SO thrilled how these turned out.  Gotta love the Wild Card cartridge!  Here's the envelope.

And this is a quilled card for a 3 year old's birthday.

He loves trains!  His dad works for BNSF so I had to make sure the engine was orange!

He seemed to enjoy it as well.

Dinner Fail

Sometimes, things don't go as planned.  For me, that happens most often while I'm cooking.  The goal was a cheesy chicken and wild rice casserole.  It was another pinterest find, this one from the Picky Palate blog.

Fail #1: Ingredients.  So, I definitely thought I got the fully cooked wild rice from Trader Joe's rthat the author talks about when I actually got the cook-it-yourself kind.  This wouldn't have been a big deal if I discovered that a few hours before I need the rice, and not right when I needed the rice.  Oh well. She does say I can use all white rice so I start a lot of white rice instead.

Fail #2: Forgotten Oil.  So I heat up some oil and start dicing my veggies.  As I'm looking at my pile of onion, celery, and carrots I think, I better turn that oil off, I won't get to it in awhile.  Then, I as I'm chopping, I start to smell burning.  I turn around and there is a nice scorched pan as the oil is smoking behind me.  I guess I just thought about turning it off, but didn't actually turn it off.  Doors open, fan going!

My eyes are burning both from the smoke and from dicing the onion.  I step outside for a minute for some fresh air, but instead it starts raining and I get bit by a mosquito.  Back indoors.

Fail #3: Misread Recipe: So I did get my veggies successfully sauteed.  I add my garlic. (I ♥ garlic!)  Then I add the chicken broth.  Great.  Now I'm ready to make the sauce.  I'm reading about the directions for that and it tells me to slowly add chicken broth to flour (GF of course). What?  I already added the broth!  Upon closer inspection, the recipe read "Stir in chicken, both rices..."  and not "stir in chicken broth."

Recipe aborted.

I threw in the chicken and we ate the result, although it was just some chicken-tasting rice with sauteed vegetables.  A bit bland, but at least I didn't waste any food.  (Besides the oil, I guess.)

I also returned to Trader Joes and got the wild rice I was originally seeking.  I guess I'm up for trying this one again.

Tell me your epic meal fail.  Or, maybe I'm the only one who does that...


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