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She's two!

It is sometimes hard to believe that I have been a mom for two years now.  I love my sweet little girl and how she has changed my life.  I also love watching Dan father her, as he is so wonderful and creative!

We had a party for her last week and she loved every minute of it!  What two year old would NOT love being the center of attention?  My wonderful in-laws hosted, as we usually have dinner over there on Wednesday nights.  Imagine Annique's surprise when my parents showed up!  All she could do was stand at the entryway, jump up and down and squeal with delight.  (And let me tell you it is quite shrill!)

Annique can't have milk so the cake doesn't have any frosting on it.  She loved the hearts.

"Blue heart."

She was able to blow out some of her candles as well!  (We may have practiced blowing the week before.)  Then she took a piece of cake the size of a deck of cards and shoved the whole thing in her mouth!

And of course, she was showered with gifts.  A book from Aunt Mo (which she wants to read a lot), a wagon from my parents (along with some toy gardening tools and hair barrettes), and a stroller with a baby from Dan's parents (along with some sandals and a cute red dress).  She was running around that house like crazy alternating between pushing the stroller and hopping in the wagon, hoping someone would pull her around.

 She also graduated from Infant and Toddler Services of Johnson County last week.  She has come a long way from not walking until 18 months to now running and jumping around.  She has also found her way back to the growth chart (for weight).  Thanks, ITSCJ!  We'll miss our wonderful therapist and nutritionist (and those free play dates at Monkey Business).  Her sentences are 2-3 words long and she LOVES to sing!  She has most of her alphabet (E-I are sketchy) but primarily likes singing about how Jesus loves her or how amazing grace is.  ("Wetch like me!" is my favorite.) So proud of my bright young daughter!


Laura said...

What a proud mama you must be!!!! So happy she is thriving, and more-so surpassing her milestones now!! What a strong, smart little girl!! Hugs to you little sweetie!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love that Nique! :) And loved being there to see her love her gifts and family so 'squeal' much!!
Love Auntie Mo

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