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I want to take this post and document some of the things Annique is doing now.  She is at a really fun stage and we love to watch her face light up and hear her little giggle.

Language:  Annique knows a mixture of 30-40 words/signs.  Heard most often around here is, "Peas. Mo."  She'll sign and say "please, more" a lot.  Unfortunately, it often doesn't connect to anything.  She says it when she wants something, and we get to guess what.  When we're in the bathroom and she says, "Peas. Teeth." I know she wants to brush her teeth.  "Peas. Mo. Crackie" refers to her desire for a cracker.  We particularly love how she wants more of something she has not had yet.

Reading:  Annique is a true fan.  She'll bring me book after book after book until I've read every one in sight!  She toddles over toting her book and just plops down in my lap.  I love it. She will also look at something with text on it and babble as if she is reading.

Identification of Animals: She knows a dog, cat, duck, bird, frog, cow, horse, and starting to learn fish.  She loves to sign dog, cat, and horse!  Annique can also tell you what most of those animals say.  Just not a cow.  "Annique, what does a cow say?"  "COW!"

Identification of Numbers: Although she can't count, she can identify 2, 3, 4, 5, and sometimes 6.  We attribute this to a game we play with the number rug my mom made for her.

Identification of Body Parts:  She can find her eyes, teeth, nose, ears, hair and bellybutton.  She can locate all of those on you too, just not the bellybutton.

Fine Motor Skills:  This girl can pick up one single strand of hair.  She can also stack 8+ blocks, which the physical therapist says is a 24-28 month skill.  She can feed herself with a spoon, a skill of which she is quite proud.

Gross Motor Skills: She is walking around like crazy and has even started dabbling in running.  She still stumbles a lot.  She wears orthopedic inserts in her tiny shoes to help keep her ankles straight.  She's a little pronator.

Other:  If you tell Annique to go hit a high note on the piano, she will.  If you tell her to hit a low note on the piano, she can do that too.  You shouldn't be too surprised as this is Dan's kid.

Loves: Being tickled, wearing a hat, graham crackers, reading, laying down on the floor to peek under the door if you're in the bathroom

Hates: Getting out of the crib after a nap/ in the morning, having her hair washed, hearing that she can't do something

Love this girl to pieces!  Even if she is the reason for my irregular blogging.  I have other posts floating around, so we'll see if I can get to them soon...


Lisa said...

You forgot one thing on the "loves" list.... Uncle Ryan!! ;) I laughed at the part when you said, "She will also look at something with text on it and babble as if she is reading," because it reminded me of when I was in first grade... instead of playing with the other kids at recess, I would often sit on a bench with a book that was way beyond my years and pretend to read it. Haha!

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