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My Husband is Awesome

Indeed.  I'm sure most readers know how great Dan is, but allow me to tell you more.  He spent hours today working on our lawn.  There was verticutting, mowing over the chaff with a push power to bag the chaff, purchase of grass seed, spread of grass seed, digging up plants from an area we want to put our compost bin, and setting up said bin.  Here is a picture of him working on our rinky-dink dying tractor.  A tractor that I have never used, since I have never mowed this lawn.  See?  Awesome.

THEN he feeds Annique dinner and chases her around (since she loves that).  We all walked around the yard a bit, too.  I wanted to admire the work.

Plus, I got to hear worship songs for tomorrow's service and Scott Joplin on the piano while cooking dinner.  And all the dishes from dinner, are washed by Mr. Awesome.

To top off the awesomeness, he is in the finals of his fantasy baseball league.  Oh yes, the Expos might pull it off.

Love you, Dan!


Anonymous said...

YES! Go Dan!! :)Love Mo

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