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My Husband is Awesome

Indeed.  I'm sure most readers know how great Dan is, but allow me to tell you more.  He spent hours today working on our lawn.  There was verticutting, mowing over the chaff with a push power to bag the chaff, purchase of grass seed, spread of grass seed, digging up plants from an area we want to put our compost bin, and setting up said bin.  Here is a picture of him working on our rinky-dink dying tractor.  A tractor that I have never used, since I have never mowed this lawn.  See?  Awesome.

THEN he feeds Annique dinner and chases her around (since she loves that).  We all walked around the yard a bit, too.  I wanted to admire the work.

Plus, I got to hear worship songs for tomorrow's service and Scott Joplin on the piano while cooking dinner.  And all the dishes from dinner, are washed by Mr. Awesome.

To top off the awesomeness, he is in the finals of his fantasy baseball league.  Oh yes, the Expos might pull it off.

Love you, Dan!

New Card Fridays

I have really enjoyed going through this organizing series from The Scrap Rack.  Don't get intimidated by the length of the videos.  The last half of each one is her taking questions, which I skipped.  It is nice how she talks about other methods of organization should you choose not to use the Scrap Rack itself.  I haven't gone through all the lessons yet, but I am to the point where I have organized all my paper and my paper scraps.  I have a lot of scraps!  So, I have decided to make a card each week using up my scraps.  Here are my first two creations:

The center is a picture I liked from a magazine.  I used my Cuttlebug on that purple square, is a cutout from a Father's Day card.  Those Cuttlebug textured plates are pretty dang sweet.  The flower paper is from another card I made this summer. 

 This is a more simple card where I used the cool paper on a greeting card which was sent to me.

I enjoy the challenge of creating, I enjoy being green and using up my scraps, and I enjoy having these cards on hand.  Win win win!

Baby Grooves

Our kid is a fan of music.  You could probably see it coming with all the talents her father possesses.  She'll play the piano and she'll dance to music she hears (which includes bump music for the Dave Ramsey Show).  I thought I would share two of my favorite videos of Annique getting her groove on.

Here, she's enjoying Pandora while eating breakfast.

And the booty shakin'...

Love it!

Testing, testing, 1 2 3...

Internet killed my paper and pen.  Internet killed my paper and pen.  :o)

Ladies and gentlemen, my blog debut.  Don't make fun of my decor here.  I just used template #6 so I could get on with this.  You can look forward to a redesign soon.

I wanted a place to organize my thoughts about things I enjoy.  You are most likely to see what craft I'm working on, what home renovation project I've gotten myself into, how awesome my husband is, what my wonderful daughter is up to, what book I'm reading, what Pinterest thing I've tried, possibly a cool picture I have taken and other even less interesting thoughts and ramblings.

First, my current crafting obsession: crochet.  The goal was to learn how to crochet these really cool flowers to make into hair accessories.  Upon hearing I would like to learn a new craft, my crafting guru (aka mom) got me a ball of yarn and a crochet hook.   Then, I was set loose upon YouTube.  I found a great tutorial and made this dishrag.

Then, I went to Pinterest and found a pattern for this envelope.  You can store something like snail mail correspondence in here.  There is a nice chain to keep the flap closed.

And finally, I have mastered the large and small flower for hair accessories.

And maybe got a little carpal tunnel in the process.  I got the yarn on Friday and have since made five flowers.  The large ones are two inches in diameter and the small ones are an inch and a half.  Yay, goal accomplished!  I might have run up to JoAnn's this evening to get more yarn/thread.

Maybe in my next post, I'll remember to take pictures using natural light and not at 9:45pm using my desk lamp.  Gives you something else to look forward to, right?


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